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Paul's Story: Starting Urang

by Paul Cleaver, founder and Managing Director of Urang:

When I bought my first flat I went along to pick up the keys and was also handed a box of documents. The lady selling me the flat told me “you’ll have to manage the block as no one else is on speaking terms with each other”. I was working all hours in the City at the time and had to squeeze this in at weekends...

Instead of being grateful the other leaseholders challenged every suggestion I made, requiring multiple quotes for everything, supplying none themselves, and requiring me to learn and do everything in accordance with legislation in order to be able to force the non-payers to pay.

After a couple of years I had everyone paying and indeed speaking to each other and we were in a position to spend a considerable sum decorating the building which had not been touched for years.

I took a great deal of satisfaction from this and thought I would see if I could achieve the same results for other people.

Over 20 years later I now have a team who achieve the same results again and again, but with a much greater level of expertise, with specialists on hand to take care of the maintenance or the finances or the project management work or the health & safety, legal, company secretarial, HR aspects of property management.

I still enjoy solving problems for people but now have a team working with me who enjoy it too.

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