London Block Management

Our portfolio of over 340 blocks under our management continues to expand as a result of recommendations from clients and lessees who are happy with the attention they receive from our management team.

  • Dedicated Property Manager with senior and assistant support

  • Fully bespoke Block and Estate Management

  • Fully transparent accounting

  • Administration-only options

Why Urang?

Our unique combination of experience has allowed us to put in place quality control systems of the highest standard. This makes us swift, flexible and responsive, allowing us to absorb new instructions of any size with ease, so that our clients can be confident their buildings are managed with the utmost professionalism from day one.


Accurate financial management and transparent accounting is the core of Urang's ethos. We have invested in the best possible systems to satisfy that most fundamental concern of any prospective client - “Is my money safe, accounted for and reconciled?” The transparency of our regular reporting and on-line service allows you to confirm that it is.


We never forget that these are not just buildings we manage - these are people’s HOMES. Our managers are personable, professional and caring, and we support them with training and mentoring.


At Urang, effective communication is paramount and our regular on-site meetings and ‘surgeries’ help to speedily resolve issues as they arise.

As our block management business has grown, we’ve improved our systems and invested in a broad team of specialists who support our property managers, with in-depth expert advice and help on issues such as finance or health & safety.

Our management service provides for regular inspections and client liaison, arranging and supervising repairs and maintenance, capital expenditure planning, building surveying, ground rent and service charge collection, budgetary control, arrears collection and resolution, periodic financial reporting, insurance placing and claims handling, legal services and company secretarial work.

Just some of the London Blocks we manage

"Urang goes the extra mile.  It operates a flexible and efficient block management process delivering value-for-money for residents who want to control maintenance expenditure and deliver quality solutions in tandem."

Got a question? Check out our FAQs...


Where can I get a service charge statement?

You can download a copy of your service charge statement here

What is the difference between management fee and service charge?

Management fees are the fees Urang is paid to manage the building. The remainder of the service charges are used to pay for other services maintenance and insurance for the building. More information can be found here:

I can’t afford my service charges – what can I do?

It is vital that we receive your service charges promptly to allow us to manage the building properly. Please contact us immediately if you are having trouble with paying and we will see what we can do to assist you.

How often do I have to pay my service charges?

The frequency of collection is determined by your lease and are usually either every 3, 6 or 12 months with the budget usually being reviewed annually.


Does the service charge cover contents insurances?

Usually no. The service charge usually pays for the Buildings (and sometimes Terrorism) Insurance for the block. Lessees should take out other insurances as appropriate.

Do I need to take out other insurances?

The service charge usually covers the Buildings insurance only. Other insurances to consider include contents insurance and landlord insurance if applicable. Be sure to check you are fully covered for your needs when you purchase the property.

Where can I get a copy of the building insurance certificate?

You can find a copy of the Buildings insurance certificate on Blocks Online


How many blocks do you manage?

As of June 2019 we manage 340 blocks/estates

How are your fees calculated?

Urang calculate our management fees as per the RICS and ARMA guidance i.e an overall fee for the block rather than a percentage of the total service charge budget.

What are your opening hours?

Our usual office hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We also offer a 24 hour emergency line for an extra fee. Please contact us for more details.

What is your Admin Only service?

Urang offer an Admin Only service for a reduced fee

What is your complaints procedure?

Please contact your property manager.

How much notice do you need to begin management?

We like to have at least a month to get properly set up on our systems and allocate resources internally but this can be expedited under special circumstances. Please contact us for more information.

What qualifications do your property managers have?

All of our property managers and team assistants are either qualified through the Institute of Residential Property Management or working towards it. Our seniors are also qualified through the RICS.

Current agent isn’t perfoming – can you give us some advice?

Of course! Please get in touch and we will help out where we can.

I can’t log on to your system, what can I do?

Please get in touch with your property manager who will be able to reset your log in details.


Do Urang get commission from contractors on arranged works?


Who is responsible for repairs in my flat?

The repair covenants are defined in your lease. Generally speaking, if something serves only your flat, it is usually your responsibility. Common exceptions to this rule are windows and doors so please do check your lease before undertaking any work.

If we move management to Urang, can we keep our existing contractors?

Absolutely. If something is working well at your building we won’t change it. Alternatively, we can review all existing contracts and services and see where we can improve efficiency and save you money.

Our cleaner isn’t doing a good job, what can I do?

If there is something you aren’t happy with at your building, please contact your property manager in the first instance. Feedback is important to all and we usually give the service provider the chance to improve or else we may seek alternatives.

What can I do about a noisy neighbour or other Anti-social Behaviour?

Please inform both your property manager and your local council ( You will need to keep a diary of the time, duration and type of disturbance for the council to be able to take action. The more detail the better. All leaseholders have the right of ‘quiet and enjoyment’ and so there could also be some legal recourse against the leaseholder.


Who is responsible for the windows in my flat?

The demise of your property is defined in your lease. Please check your lease or get in touch with your property manager for clarification.

Where can I get a copy of the lease for my flat?

Your conveyancer should have provided you with a copy of your lease at during the sale. You can download a copy from Land Registry for a fee or Urang can provide this but we will charge an admin fee of £50+VAT.


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