London Block Management

Our portfolio of over 340 blocks under our management continues to expand as a result of recommendations from clients and lessees who are happy with the attention they receive from our management team.

  • Dedicated Property Manager with senior and assistant support

  • Fully bespoke Block and Estate Management

  • Fully transparent accounting

  • Administration-only options

Why Urang?

Our unique combination of experience has allowed us to put in place quality control systems of the highest standard. This makes us swift, flexible and responsive, allowing us to absorb new instructions of any size with ease, so that our clients can be confident their buildings are managed with the utmost professionalism from day one.


Accurate financial management and transparent accounting is the core of Urang's ethos. We have invested in the best possible systems to satisfy that most fundamental concern of any prospective client - “Is my money safe, accounted for and reconciled?” The transparency of our regular reporting and on-line service allows you to confirm that it is.


We never forget that these are not just buildings we manage - these are people’s HOMES. Our managers are personable, professional and caring, and we support them with training and mentoring.


At Urang, effective communication is paramount and our regular on-site meetings and ‘surgeries’ help to speedily resolve issues as they arise.

As our block management business has grown, we’ve improved our systems and invested in a broad team of specialists who support our property managers, with in-depth expert advice and help on issues such as finance or health & safety.

Our management service provides for regular inspections and client liaison, arranging and supervising repairs and maintenance, capital expenditure planning, building surveying, ground rent and service charge collection, budgetary control, arrears collection and resolution, periodic financial reporting, insurance placing and claims handling, legal services and company secretarial work.

Just some of the London Blocks we manage

"Urang goes the extra mile.  It operates a flexible and efficient block management process delivering value-for-money for residents who want to control maintenance expenditure and deliver quality solutions in tandem."

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