Right To Manage

We have a 99% success rate with Right To Manage applications.

Urang understands the pain leaseholders like you go through. We complete 100's of Right To Manage applications, allowing leaseholders to improve their buildings. If your building is suffering from high service changes or poor maintenance, get in touch with us today!

We have achieved a 99% success rate for our clients going through the Right To Manage legal process

We have formed the third highest number of RTM companies in the UK

What is Right To Manage?

A right to manage agreement involves the leaseholders taking control over the running of their building. It allows each leaseholder to be involved in the decision making – helping to decide how much money to raise, what it should be spent on and how the building should be managed. If your building is suffering from high service charge or poor maintenance this could be the right option for you.

How we can help...

We have complete hundreds of RTM applications across London allowing leaseholders to improve their buildings. We are often able to complete these applications for free against some of the toughest landlords in the country. If you are looking to take more control and improve your build please get in touch.

If you appoint Urang as your managing agent, we can complete the RTM application free of charge

"Urang made it possible for our family of 6 to have an extension to our current loft and make it even spacious. Their free RTM guidance is commendable as well. Love their innovativeness and ideas."

1. Complete our simple contact form below to arrange a free consultation and we will quickly establish if your property qualifies for the Right To Manage process

4. Urang serves the relevant notices on the leaseholders and the freeholder.

2. We can begin the Right To Manage process without any upfront charges (no collecting money from your neighbours) if you sign a contract agreeing that Urang will be the managing agent at the end of the process

5. The freeholder has 1 month to dispute the claim – no dispute and they have 3 months then to hand over. If they dispute then Urang takes this through the tribunal process.

3. Gather the signatures from 50% of the owners of the flats in your block, with help from Urang to identify them if required.

6. Post-handover Urang takes on the management and takes all instructions from the new RTM directors who now have full control of the budget and what works get done.

Leaseholders can take back control with Right To Manage

6 simple steps is all it takes


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