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Right to Manage for leaseholders

We empower leaseholders to take back control of the management of their buildings through the ‘Right To Manage’ legal process.
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Right to Manage services in London

Leaseholder disatisfied with your building's current management?

Is your building suffering from poor maintenance and upkeep? Service charge too high for what you get back in return? Other things bothering you that you know could and should be better managed?

Take back control through the 'Right to Manage' process

A right to manage agreement involves the leaseholders taking control over the running of their building. It allows each leaseholder to be involved in the decision making – helping to decide how much money to raise, what it should be spent on and how the building should be managed. If your building is suffering from high service charge or poor maintenance this could be the right option for you.
Right to Manage enables leaseholders to take control over the management of their building
Why choose Urang

Our Right To Manage expertise

Are you a leaseholder that is unhappy with your building's current managing agent? Take back control with the Right to Manage process.

We are often able to complete these applications for free against some of the toughest landlords in the country.

If you appoint Urang as the managing agent of your building, we can complete the RTM application free of charge
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  • 99% success rate for our clients we take through the Right to Manage process.
  • To date Urang have formed over 120 Right to Manage Limited Companies with Companies House on behalf of our clients.
  • We've successfully guided the third largest number of leaseholders through Right to Manage in the whole of the UK.
  • Book your free Right to Manage consultation with us and get started ASAP.
Looking to control the management of your building through the Right to Manage process?

6 simple steps for leaseholders

Book your free consultation with us
Simply get in touch via our webchat or contact page and we'll arrange your free consultation where we'll quickly establish if your property qualifies for the Right to Manage process.
Right to Manage process begins
We can begin the Right To Manage process without any upfront charges (no collecting money from your neighbours) if you sign a contract agreeing that Urang will be the managing agent at the end of the process
Gather fellow leaseholder signatures
Gather the signatures from 50% of the owners of the flats in your block, with help from Urang to identify them if required.
Notices Served
We will serve the relevant notices on the leaseholders in your building as well as the building freeholder.
Freeholder Response
The freeholder has 1 month to dispute the claim. If they do not dispute they have 3 months to hand over. If they dispute then Urang takes this through the legal tribunal process.
Assign New Property Managing Agent
Your new RTM Company now has control over the management of the building, including full control of the budget, what works get done and appointment of new managing agent to better suit your needs.

What people are saying about Urang

"Urang guided me through the entire RTM process and absolutely free of cost. Really loved their guidance and support throughout the process."
"Free yet the most effective Right To Manage guidance can just be expected from experts such as Urang. Truly blessed to have found them!"
Our Expertise

Your Right to Manage specialist

Paul (Founder & CEO of Urang) is one of the UK’s leading authorities on the Right To Manage process having personally formed over 100 RTM companies with Companies House, helping 1000’s of leaseholders to control the management of their buildings.

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Paul Cleaver is the Founder & CEO of Urang and an expert in Right to Manage having helped to establish over 100 RTM Companies

Property Management Accreditations

Urang hold a number of accreditations to ensure we provide our clients with very best property management services you can trust.

London Property Management accreditations, Regulated by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)London Property Management accreditations, The Property OmbudsmanLondon Property Management accreditations, ARLA Property Mark ProtectedLondon Property Management accreditations, Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA)London Property Management accreditations, Leaseholder Knowledge PartnershipLondon Property Management accreditations, Guild of Master Craftsmen

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Join 1000's of other London leaseholders who've taken back control of their building's management through Urang's Right to Manage service.

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