Urang Team
Aug 19, 2021

Paul's Story: Starting Urang

When I bought my first flat I went along to pick up the keys and was also handed a box of documents.

The lady selling me the flat told me this:

“You’ll have to manage the block as no one else is on speaking terms with each other!”.

I was working all hours in the City at the time and had to squeeze this in at weekends...

Instead of being grateful, the other leaseholders in the building challenged every suggestion I made, requiring multiple quotes for everything, supplying none themselves, and requiring me to learn and do everything in accordance with legislation in order to be able to force the non-payers to pay! It was tough and exhausting!

However, I kept at it, and after a couple of years I had everyone paying and indeed speaking to each other, and we were all in a position to spend a considerable sum decorating our building which had not been touched for years!

I took a great deal of satisfaction from this and then I had the eureka moment:

I thought, "Let me see if I could achieve the same positive results for other leaseholders in other similar buildings across London!".

Over 20 years later I now have a fabulous team based out of our Fulham office (and a growing remote workforce) who achieve the same amazing results for leaseholders and our clients time and time again, but with a much greater level of expertise than my early days trying to juggle everything myself.

We now have specialists on hand to not only take care of the day-to-day block management of buildings, but also look after support services such as property cleaning and maintenance, finances and administrative duties, project management of large-scale works and refurbishments, and all the legal, company secretarial and HR aspects of property management.

It can all be a bit of a minefield, as I certainly found all those years ago, so over two decades I've ensured I've built an expert team around me here at Urang to really handle all of our client's needs.

I still enjoy solving problems for people day-to-day, but now have a team working with me who enjoy it too!

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